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Current projects

Concept development, project design, detailed documentations

Office of Atitoka (a principal contractor company)

Concept development, project design, detailed documentation
General contractor – “Atitoka” company


- Concept development.
- Working and Project design.
- Reconstruction.
- Master plan design.
- Landscaping.
- On-site architectural supervision.
* Detailed documentation contains information to enable an accurate assessment cost of the project.
Interior design

Presentation material (brochure and / or tablet) which includes the project documentation related to the design: plans, sections, elevations, 3d renders. * Provision for a Client list of examples and materials - Preliminary specification. Providing Customer recommendations for the selection and configuration of finishing materials in order to obtain the most favorable ratio of "price-quality-design".
Interior design

Artistic design of various objects, interiors, industrial products, and more. * Make a creative representation of objects, artistically-shaped model for use in the home.

Office of a television broadcaster

Concept development, project design, detailed documentation,
As-built report

Опыт Работы

Our experience

Full Portfolio of our completed
works on Architecture and Design



Georgy Kuklinov,
Nikolay Klimachev,
Ekaterina Klimacheva


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